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Up to the minute. Enhanced easy to filter categories, tags and bookmarks. Algorithm driven scoring of sources.        


Just blockchain & crypto. Navigate news, insights, media, use cases and opportunities from one place.      


High quality human and AI curated news, media, deals, services and events from around the web. Easy to filter categories & ratings. Enhanced user profiles & mentors.


The latest news, media and opportunities at your finger tips on the go. You can also find & list exceptional jobs & investment opportunities and discover peers.


Professional focus on the latest market trends and insights into industry specific blockchain use cases, market trends and community developments.
A dedicated portal for all blockchain professionals & crypto enthusiasts. Builders, Researchers, Consultants & Traders.


  • NEWS. Hundreds of manually curated sources.
  • MEDIA. Top quality videos & podcasts.
  • JOBS. Global employment & bounty opportunities.
  • COMMUNITY. Connect with other professionals.
  • EVENTS. Conferences, meetups & webinars.


  • MARKET. Find trusted services and goods.
  • RESEARCH. Curated trusted insights.
  • DATA. Market price and analysis.
  • REPORTS. Monthly & quarterly intelligence.
  • DEALS. The latest investment offerings.


Tokensquare originates from the premise of a town square. A central and trusted location where you can meet and seek out a variety of individuals, goods and services.
Our mission is to curate the ultimate square, whether you’re seeking answers to questions, talented individuals, capital for your venture, or looking to share your services. As a pro member you can list Jobs, Offerings, Goods and Services and Events.


Mentors are independently vetted professionals with a well rounded expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency and token applications.
Mentors are highlighted in the community and provided with their own rating mechanism for news, media and deals as a mark of their expert insights vs. the crowd. Their profiles, votes and comments bear a unique mark.
“There is no shame in not knowing, but there is shame in not knowing and pretending that you do.” – Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba
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